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Professional valeting franchise Ovenu has begun a franchisee recruitment drive across the USA and Canada, following the award of its North American Master Franchise to Jeffrey and Stewart Krentzman. The entrepreneurs have signed a 20 year Master Franchise agreement after successfully operating a pilot operation in New Jersery for six months, and aim to establish more than 1,000 sub-franchisees across the US over the next decade.

'With the guidance of an American franchise expert, we have combined the best practices and successful tactics from our UK partner, as well as other US franchise categories, to build the expansion of Ovenu in North America,' says Jeffrey. 'We will focus our initial efforts in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and then roll out the business nationally. It is our challenge to adopt this fresh idea into an untapped American culture, a culture that thrives on robust, self-motivated entrepreneurs.

'With Ovenu, I wanted to begin right away getting my team doing the dirty work, literally, for overscheduled people and those who need a little extra help with household chores. Judging by feedback we've received from our customers, we've struck a chord with them. The Ovenu franchise in Bergen County, NJ will be used as the gold standard for a larger rollout in the United States and Canada.'

Ovenu has been operating in the UK for 12 years, and also expanded into Australia through a Master Franchisee in 2005. 'I am very proud of the growth the Ovenu brand is experiencing and, following the success of the US pilot, fully believe that we have created a globally-replicable franchise model,' says Rik Hellewell, Managing Director and founder of Ovenu. 'It has also proven that the right UK-based franchise offerings can be transferred into the American market.

'From a British perspective, this expansion will provide additional benefits to our UK franchise-network. Not only will we be able to invest further in our domestic business financially, but also we will increase the knowledge base of our global network to allow greater communication and the sharing of experiences and ideas.'


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