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Anthony Round, business development manager commented: “We are delighted to welcome Darryl Millar as our newest franchisee to Papa John’s. Papa John’s is fast growing company and we are looking for franchisees throughout the UK, who like Darryl, have recognised the potential of running one of our outlets.”

The new owner Millar explained: “I chose Papa John’s because quality counts, there is no other product to touch Papa John’s pizza in the home delivery market. We need to promote the fact that the service and offering will always be impeccable regardless of the time of day, or day of the week, as this is how we will earn repeat business from local people. However, our main challenge in becoming established will be to encourage the Southend community to recognise the store is part of the community. Although Papa John’s is an international brand, the store is run by a local family and we employ local staff to serve the people in our area."

“Buying the Papa John’s franchise is a long term plan,” continued Millar. “I am looking forward to building the business and passing on the fruits of my labour to my own children in years to come.”


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