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Michael who previously worked in the media industry, bought his first Papa John’s in May 2012. Michael explains: “I worked for Papa John’s when I was at college and so, a long time ago, I decided I would like to run my own store one day. I worked hard, saved up and took a small business start-up loan to finance the franchise initially. Once I had bought the first franchise and the lawyers were paid I had just £50 left in my bank account!

“However, I knew I would be able to cash-in pretty soon. Within two years, the profit generated has enabled me to buy my second outlet. By the end of next year my plan is to open between two and three more Papa John’s.”

Michael sees promotion as one of the keys to success. He explains: “The City Road store already had an existing customer base when I acquired the franchise, but with some proactive marketing I was able to grow local brand awareness further and improve turnover dramatically as a result. Canton is a brand new store and so far, so good. With more leafleting campaigns, product sampling and the some special promotions in the pipeline, sales will continue to grow!”

Papa John’s is growing and is looking for other enthusiastic franchisees to become part of its success story. Currently Papa John’s is offering the following franchisee incentives: for new stores opening in Wales, The Midlands, North East, The North West and Scotland a royalty break is offered if opened before the end of 2014. Papa John’s is also supplying free equipment, plus contribution towards marketing spend for the store-opening launch.

The whole package could result in savings of 50k for your first Papa John’s store. These deals are only available for 2014 and are limited, so first come first served!


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