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This is where PAPERfix comes in - the specialist binding, laminating, paper handling equipment servicing franchise. PAPERfix Service Engineers, in their own territory, service paper handling equipment in office environments. Chris Linton, one of the first franchisees, describes his first eight months as the Faring franchisee: 'At the beginning I was both nervous and excited; it was strange being scared of the unknown but really looking forward to it.

'My background in paper meant the training was less daunting for me than some. After the training though, when you have do it for real it's different, I've learnt more about the job by actually doing it and this hands on approach has meant that it's been very fast track, and reassuringly there is always head office technical or manual support.

'My first customers came from the launch marketing. They have given me good business and also they are providing future pipeline business as well of course ongoing repeat orders. That's OK but to generate my own prospects I initially found it daunting, but using the PAPERfix introductory package helped me get over that awkward first couple of minutes with a new prospect.

'Spending time with Ted Girtchen (Founder) in the field has been inspirational and kept me on track. I'm finding that it is often your existing customers with which you are able to build a relationship with, who recommend you to your next potential business client. After eight months I have almost 60 customers and around 150 prospects in the pipeline. My financial results are better than I projected.

'My satisfaction comes from having created customer relationships as a result of me really helping them. It is rewarding work - you fix their machines and give them good advice and they really make you very welcome. I get more confident everyday and my knowledge is growing. I am just beginning to approach some of the bigger prospects. In summary it is harder than I thought but far more rewarding.'


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