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Paw Pals Managing Director Victoria Reinthal says: 'Britons are famously besotted with their pets, and it's Paw Pals business to give them the best possible care, so the company will not sell a franchise to someone just because they are willing to hand over a cheque. But it is not enough just to love animals - applicants also need to possess a business brain and the communication skills to build the Paw Pals brand and make their branch a success.'

Established in Swindon in January 2006 by mother and daughter Sally and Victoria Reinthal. Paw Pals began franchising in September 2007 and to date has nine franchisees operating in its network.

The company looks after a wide range of pets from dogs, cats, and parrots to guinea pigs and goats. Paw Pals walk clients dogs and cares for the pets in their own homes.


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