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The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) released their Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI), which highlights just how much money can be saved and made from installing renewable energy products in the home. As this becomes active from 2014, the industry is experiencing its highest volume of enquires and sales to date and is simply going from strength to strength

Richard Hiblen, Co-Founder of Green Square, commented: "For the industry the RHI announcement is great news. There is a strong case for home owners looking for a renewable solution and, with the Green Deal now directly linked in, it should now give that scheme a much needed boost, not only by making homes more efficient, but also by helping fund any renewable solution. What's more, if homeowners want to turn renewable but don't have the upfront funds, it is largely expected that 'green' loans and second mortgages should be widely available now the lenders have a secured income of the RHI and, depending on current fuel type being used, it really can pay to turn renewable."

He continued: "The renewable market in the UK is now one of the largest growing markets, and the Renewable Heat Incentive has only help make it more of a desirable industry to be part of. Our franchise opportunity has been developed to offer the opportunity to work in an ethical environment and penetrate a ring fenced business area, while minimising the risks associated with starting out alone."


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