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Since launching his Prokill franchise in 2007, Justin Holloway has built his pest control business into a success and is enjoying his new lifestyle.

“One of the most satisfying things has been seeing my business grow,” said Holloway. “It has also meant that for the very first time in my career I am truly able to say that I alone control my destiny. Oh yes and the financial rewards are naturally a component too.”

To launch a new business in an unknown sector on the cusp of a recession may have proved to be a daunting prospect but Holloway was able to invest in Prokill with confidence.

“The franchise model helps avoid costly mistakes and minimises the learning curve. Another benefit of belonging to a franchised business network is the inter-franchise support,” he said.

As a result of the success of his franchise territory, Holloway has been able to expand his business with ease.

“Before the end of my second year, I had wanted to employ a technician so that the business development aspect of the franchise didn't fall by the way side under the volume of servicing work,” he added.

“Now the challenge is dividing my time between, business development, service delivery and managing staff and the general task of business management consumes more time than I might have guessed. However, two years on and I’m loving my new life!”


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