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The development of 200 Quiznos restaurants is expected to take place in Brazil, as part of a finalised Master Franchise agreement for the country.

The US-based quick service restaurant chain has entered into a Master Franchise partnership with Brazil Best Food Inc., which is aiming to open seven restaurants by the end of 2011.

Lee Vala, Chief International Development Officer for Quiznos, said: “Quiznos enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide, and this has led to the tremendous success of our international expansion. We are pleased to attract top development talent in each country we’ve entered, and this extends to our partnership with Brazil Best Food in Brazil. Brazil Best Food brings a wealth of experience and understanding of the food business, and we look forward to making Brazil a significant growth area for Quiznos.”

In order for its menu to appeal to customers in Brazil, Quiznos SVP of Culinary Innovation Chef Zach Calkins is set to travel to the country to work with Brazil Best Food to develop dishes that will appeal to local tastes.

Luiz Antonelli, President for Brazil Best Food Inc., said: “Along with a growing economy in Brazil, there is a rapidly emerging market niche for a fast, warm lunch. Quiznos’ colourful ambiance and warm, toasted sandwiches are well-suited for Brazilian tastes. This compatibility of flavours and tastes, combined with Quiznos’ exemplary training programme, executive accessibility, flexibility in menu development, and operational excellent, make Quiznos the ideal partner for us in Brazil.”

The Brazil Master Franchise agreement is part of Quiznos’ international expansion plan to open locations in over 40 countries and territories worldwide. The company is targeting the regions of Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and South East Asia for growth.


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