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Racing stimulator franchise Racing Challenge is offering potential franchisees the opportunity to test-drive the business for six months, with no obligation to buy it at the end. Company founder Mike Yeats has introduced this offer to aid the brand's expansion, he says: 'I don't want people to commit to a five year contract and pay the full franchise fee only to find out after a few months that the business isn't for them.

Racing Challenge is all about having fun, meeting people and enjoying a bit of travel. If potential franchisees decide to buy the business after they've had a chance to run it first - which I'm confident they will - the Racing Challenge network will quickly become the healthiest and most successful it can be.'

Those interested in the new deal need only pay an initial security of £4,995 plus a rental fee of £997 per month for the Super 4 mobile racing car simulator, the machine at the heart of the business. If, after six months they decide to buy the franchise, and the franchisor is happy that they are suited to the network, the security plus the combined total of the six monthly payments will be deducted from the full £24,920 cost of the franchise, leaving just £13,943 to pay.

Mike continues: 'It's a very neat proposition. The way people should think of it is as a 'franchise on loan' that, once operational, should generate enough of an income for the 'franchise borrower' to actually buy the franchise at the end of the trial period. If they decide they don't want it, they can simply hand over the keys and get their deposit back. The advantage of this is that, if they decide not to go ahead, they're not locked into a five-year franchise agreement and they haven't had to pay the full cost of the franchise either.

'Although we're calling this a 'try before you buy' franchise opportunity, we don't want people taking on a Racing Challenge territory to think of the business as a short or easy ride. While they've got the option at the end of six months to leave, we hope they won't. We're looking for serious and committed candidates who are interested in Racing Challenge as either a part-time or full-time career, who are enthusiastic, fun-loving and people-orientated and who want to make an excellent living contributing to the growth of a world-class brand.'


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