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Contract cleaning franchise Jani-King has radically changed its franchise owner recruitment strategy and is now actively seeking high quality candidates.

Ian Thomas, Chairman of Jani-King, said: “We’ve recognised the need for a strategy that’s based on mutual professional investment, not just a capital contribution. Reflecting our own evolution as a business, our future growth now depends on the quality of individuals that join us, not the quantity – and that’s something that we’re keen to communicate to potential franchise owners.”

For Jani-King this change in strategy was an important decision and one that will have an impact on the franchise network in the future. Thomas said: “In the last couple of years we’ve completely changed our approach to delivering services. We’ve raised standards and secured multi-million pound contracts with blue-chip clients like Travelodge, Odeon Cinemas, H&M and Monsoon. As a result, we need partners who understand the importance of professionalism and are committed to nurturing the relationships we’ve worked so hard to establish. That means recruiting a select number of high-calibre individuals, and investing just as much in their future as they invest in ours.”

Now that Jani-King has positioned itself as a management franchise opportunity it is hoping to dispel the man with a van image it has with some prospective franchise owners. Thomas is also passionate about the potential for ‘partners in growth’ to develop as independent business owners, with in-depth training and support from Jani-King.

Thomas said: “To be successful in our industry today, it’s all about boardroom business, not buckets and mops. At Jani-King, our most successful partners are seeing turnover in excess of £1.5 million per year and we have franchise owners who are achieving profit margins of 20 per cent. It’s true, you don’t achieve those levels of income without hard work, but our mutual investment strategy is designed to attract individuals who are enthused and excited by our dedication to them. That level of ambitious desire and professional aspiration is vital for success.”


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