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The big brother state is not just watching you. Now they can shout orders, have a chat or help people escape burning buildings. Camera operators can be any where in the world and can also be used to have a two-way conversations with people they believe are in difficulty, such as a child that has got lost.

Entrepreneur Steve Pearson, 50, who invented Remvox, claims his systems will change Britain’s streets. Pearson said: “A typical example of how this could be in the town center, when there is an assault and somebody ends up with a broken nose. What the CCTV operators do now is watch the incident and inform the nearest police car but by the time they get there, it could be all over. The cost implications of that could run into thousands of pounds.” Pearson continues “There may be an ambulance to take them to hospital, an operation, police taking statements and perhaps a court case. But if when the trouble was starting, the operator could say ‘Stop, you are being are being recorded’, it could have a dramatic effect and save thousands of pounds.”

Steve claims that because his invention doesn't require any complicated installation, he can afford to rent them out for £20 a month. Pearson said: “You can speak from anywhere to anywhere in the world with the mobile coverage. For example in Japan when there was the Tsunami, it could be used for making announcements and we have solar-panel operated units, for use at things like festivals and big sporting events. They could also be used at unmanned railway stations, or at schools and colleges”.

Steve, who is a former Army Officer, also runs the charity Our Local Heroes Foundation which helps injured veterans rebuild their lives. Pearson intends to draw from the increasing pool of unemployed veterans to build his business through a franchise system. Pearson Said “We are looking at having 100 Franchise Owners in the next two or three years. We have two signed up and a third looking to sign.”


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