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Carter was CEO of a luxury bathroom manufacturer and distributor but after 16 years he was made redundant. Carter said: “ActionCOACH seemed like the perfect next step for me because coaching and training staff in business management had been a prerequisite in my role as CEO. The difficulties I encountered with my cafe business have been a big help because they have given me first-hand experience of owning a failing business and how to deal with financial problems.

“I had worked as a consultant for 12 months prior to joining ActionCOACH but gained very little satisfaction from the short-term relationships with businesses that the job offered. I had been looking for a way to start my own business and read an article about franchising in a magazine. I found the statistics concerning failure rates of start-ups versus franchises compelling.

“Those statistics stuck with me and consulting had taught me that I would need support, community, systems, processes and training. These factors, including a greater chance of success behind a recognised brand, made joining ActionCOACH a straightforward decision for me.”

ActionCOACH, as the world’s number 1 coaching franchise, has a unique approach to coaching which has benefited business owners around the world. The end result being more time, better teams within their companies, and most importantly – more profit. Becoming an ActionCOACH franchisee has proven to be a rewarding career move for many. You can help share your knowledge of business operations to an even greater number of companies in need.

“My advice to anyone looking to buy a franchise is to do plenty of homework and not spend forever doing it. Get on with it and make a decision! I would also advise new franchisees to utilise the resources available to them. Even if you only have a part-time franchise, it is really important to run it like it is your only source of income. I have seen some people treat their franchise as a hobby and then blame others, including the franchisor, if it is not profitable.”


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