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Following extensive research, Safeclean reports that its franchisees are now able to use organic products that actually outperform the chemical detergents and environmentally damaging solvents that are more commonly used, providing franchisees with a 'unique business model exclusively from Safeclean', says Franchise Operations Manager Paul Fennell. 'We are really excited with this new system. Having removed the need for harmful chemicals it makes us one of the few cleaning companies in the UK to operate offering a safe but effective solution, giving our franchisees a market leading edge which enhances our 35 year reputation as the UK's market leader in domestic furnishing care.'

The new cleaning system means that Safeclean no longer needs to rely on pesticides to remove the most common problem: dust mites. The system does not require fibre damaging high temperatures, the products quite simply work at a molecular level which physically destroys dust mites, odours and soiling. 'This system change is the first stage of an ongoing plan to continue to leave Safeclean franchisees at the forefront of the furnishing care industry,' says the company. 'Safeclean is looking to initiate further developments over the coming months.'


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