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Sandler Training, a franchise that provides sales, management and leadership training, has launched its new online service, Sandler Online. The new service is a web-based tool that allows business professionals to access Sandler’s content at any time.

A key feature of Sandler Online is its ‘course’ facility function, which allows users to take online learning courses. The user is assigned to a Sandler learning course, which they can carry out at anytime. To complete the course, and to make sure they have understood the learning content, the user is then asked a series of questions, with the answers being fed back to a Sandler Trainer who can then tackle any issues that the participant have struggled with.

Shaun Thomson, CEO of Sandler Training UK, said: “Running a business is not easy at the best of times. Business owners need to wear many hats and are under constant pressure to stay on top of the latest information, techniques and ideas. By providing online learning courses these busy business professionals are able to improve their business skills at a time when it’s convenient for them.

“The ‘course’ facility also allows our Trainers to create tailored learning courses, so each course can be as relevant and as helpful as possible to the user, addressing their everyday experiences and challenges.”

Another key feature to the Sandler Online tool is its live training sessions. Each week users are invited to take part in a live training session delivered by one of Sandler’s top performing trainers via a radio broadcast. During the live sessions each participant phones in to listen to the live studio seminar and can ask the Trainer questions throughout the one hour session.

Thomson added: “By providing live training sessions we are able to address real-time sales problems that businesses currently face, and in turn it allows users to listen and ask questions to the very best sales coaches in the world.”

Sandler Online also provides users access to a library of Sandler management and sales training content, known as the ‘Resource Centre’.

Thomson said: “Audio, video, and PDF resources are available 24/7 in the Resource Centre. There is masses of information available, all of which is constantly being updated. Content is organised by topic title allowing users to quickly find and access all content associated with a specific topic. So if you want to quickly brush up on your time management skills, simply type ‘time management’ into the keyword search and this will bring up all the relevant resources that relate to this subject. It really is an impressive tool, and will help any business manager serious about growing their business.”


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