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Aussie Pet Mobile, a USA-based mobile pet grooming franchise, has introduced a new environmentally friendly system which will save its franchise owners money. The company, which has over 100 franchise owners in nine countries, has introduced a 135-watt solar panel roof mount system for its pet grooming vans that will reduce the amount its franchise owners spend on fuel and electrical consumption.

Rick Arevalo, President and CEO of Aussie Pet Mobile, said: "Innovation is at the core of our company and the solar energy option we've adopted is another way we're advancing the pet grooming industry. We are thrilled to be raising the bar even higher for others in the pet industry."

Aussie Pet Mobile tested a 25-watt solar panel in June 2008 to evaluate the potential cost and emissions savings. The findings showed that fuel consumption was cut by 30 per cent and the solar panel eliminated the need to plug-in vans for charging on a nightly basis. With the solar panel, charging is recommended just once a week.

The test also found that the panel eliminated strain and excessive use on the van's alternator and battery pack, greatly increasing the life for both. Aussie Pet Mobile decided to increase the wattage for greater cost and emissions savings.

Rick added: "We would have liked to introduce the solar van option much earlier, however, with solar being quite expensive several years ago and options still questionable, it was in our best interest to continue to research the best solar panel product out there. Prices have now come down dramatically, which we are taking advantage of with the new solar panel."


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