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According to a recent news report in The Scottish Herald, franchising has failed to make a notable impact with Scottish businesses or consumers. The NatWest British Franchise Association Survey (bfa) 2013 gave clear indication that Scotland’s franchises are lagging some way behind UK businesses, which are flourishing, incidentally.

Director General of the bfa, Brian Smart told The Scottish Herald: “While we are concerned with the decline last year, it is important to put the results in context. Employment levels are similar to those of 2008, putting the sector ahead of the recovery pace of the wider Scottish economy. That indicates that though there are fewer units than previously recorded, those in operation are successful.”

Despite being the only area of focus in the survey not to record franchise growth, industry experts have provided assurances that this presents an opportunity for development rather than a cause for concern. FDS Scotland Managing Director, Graham Angus said: “It is clear that the Scottish Franchise Sector lags behind the UK as a whole. All the ‘big’ franchise brands have a strong presence in the major towns and cities so franchising is an established part of the Scottish business scene. I see it as a huge opportunity for growth.”


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