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In less than a year, Simon and Sally Bell (pictured) of Belvoir Telford have established a highly successful lettings agency with a strong reputation and a portfolio of 110 properties.

Mr Bell said: “Since launching in January 2011 Belvoir Telford has grown rapidly and we now have a very strong managed portfolio. We have received tremendous support from the Belvoir Networking Group and the help and experience of other franchise owners quickly enabled us to establish a major foothold in this area.

“Our simple marketing strategy, backed up by honest customer service has ensured that both landlords and tenants are now switching to Belvoir. So what is the secret of our success? The Belvoir brand.”Terry Lucky joined Belvoir 13 years ago and now employs 16 staff in three thriving offices in Peterborough, Cambridge and Corby. Lucky said: “I strongly believe that being part of Belvoir’s successful franchise enabled me to achieve much more than I ever would as a sole trader.

“The Belvoir brand is so strong, and incredibly valuable in terms of creating product awareness. In addition, the ability to share ideas and discuss challenges with other franchise owners is vital to success. I would do it all again tomorrow.”


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