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Hemel Hempstead-based franchise owner, Robert Stobbs, has introduced Autosheens’ brand new leisure vehicle valeting service to his operation, in a bid to cater to the demand of campers in the local area.

Best known for its premium car valeting service, Autosheen has launched a dedicated service for caravans and motor homes, delivering the same top quality results and outstanding customer service to caravan owners that motorists have enjoyed for over 25 years.

Stobbs is one of the first Autosheen franchise owners to receive expert training in valeting and GPR polishing leisure vehicles, and has secured the company’s first ever contract to provide this exclusive service. As word spreads and the sun shines, Autosheen is confident that this lucrative new string to its franchise owners’ bow will prove popular on campsites across the country.

“On my territory, there is a large caravan park where owners store their vehicles over the wintertime,” said Stobbs. “The local authority that operates the park gave me permission to put up a poster advertising my services, and the phone started to ring almost as soon as I’d done it!

“When caravans have been in storage over winter, it’s important to make sure they are properly cleaned and well prepared for the season ahead. My service includes gel coat rectification to remove small scratches and anti-UV waxing too. My brother-in-law runs a heating and plumbing business, and is able to test the gas connections and electrics – together we make a fantastic team and customers are happy to pay handsomely for our services!”


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