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Snack in the Box has increased its charity commitments and made a record amount of donations to a local charity in addition to its regular pledge of national charity support.

The central Snack in the Box warehouse in Wokingham now donates any out of date or close to date stock of crisps and confectionery that cannot be sold to support the local Air Ambulance service.

Kate Byrne, Head of Operations at Snack in the Box, said: “Since the beginning of this year, we now support the local Air Ambulance charity. We are delighted to say that we have donated almost £800 from January to present. Our out of date stock is sold on to local companies who are happy to take it at a reduced price and we donate the proceeds to the Air Ambulance.

“We have also donated other out of date stock directly to local homeless charities such as Shelter in the local area near the Snack in the Box warehouse who are always in need of food donations. At Snack in the Box, we are well aware that often food is still of perfect quality for human consumption, but has simply gone past its best before date and therefore cannot be sold for general public consumption. We know that particularly in the current economic climate, there are many people who can benefit either from the proceeds of our cash donations or directly from the food products we donate.”

These local donations from the warehouse are in addition to Snack in the Box’s annual charity donation commitments. Snack in the Box already pledges to donate over £10,000 every year to national registered charities. This has included over £2,000 to MacMillan Cancer Support following the World’s Greatest Coffee Morning event.”


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