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Addressing the needs and concerns of the local community, the project targeted 'at-risk' homes and buildings in five streets in Slough, identified by Slough council as having suffered loss in the past or being vulnerable.

Each building or home has been fitted with an intruder alarm, consisting of a keypad panel, external audible alarm and four internal PIR units. The systems were fitted by Stuart Day, a Dyno-Secure franchisee. Yowie Roberts, Head of Dyno-Secure, comments: 'This initiative was designed to highlight the benefits of partnerships between the police, the community and enterprise. Dyno-Secure has proved this can work.'

Supporting the project from the outset and taking a keen interest, has been local MP Fiona Mactaggart. 'People can really benefit from the security which this scheme offers - it is good that it can be targeted at people who need the kind of protection and peace of mind an alarm can give.'


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