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The International Franchise Association (IFA) has released a digital Small Business Lending Toolkit, which is aimed at helping lenders and small franchise businesses in their pursuit to make credit more available.

It is hoped that this will lead to an acceleration of job creation and economic output in the USA. Steve Caldeira, President and CEO of the IFA, said: “As the nation pursues economic recovery, existing franchise small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs have continued to struggle to access the capital necessary to open new establishments and create new jobs. This Small Business Lending Toolkit will help small businesses and lenders to better understand the lower-risk, structured model that franchising offers as demonstrated by the industry’s 40 per cent growth rate over the past decade.”

The Small Business Lending Toolkit includes a video, a credit access report, and an in-depth presentation to enable local and regional franchising and lending groups to better understand the potential of small business franchise lending. The IFA is also set to start offering technical assistance in the form of a web-based lending resource hub that will train and connect lenders and borrows.


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