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Snack in the Box has launched a new training programme for all its new franchise owners.

Although the vending franchise has always been proud of the training it provides its franchise owners, the company has recognised that especially in the current economic climate, it can be tough starting a new business and has launched a new training programme to further enhance the skills and business knowledge needed by franchise owners to enable them to really maximise their business’ potential.

The training programme now includes more in-house training on business acumen, maximising customer sales, as well as training from the IT department tracking tool. Another expanded part of the training now includes more in-depth training at the Snack in the Box warehouse on vending machines and engineering aspects of the machines. This will enable the franchise owners to be more confident in fixing a greater variety of faults themselves to ensure there is no downtime on machines, which might affect sales. A new franchise owner’s training still includes time in the field with both Snack in the Box engineers and existing franchise owners for hands-on experience before they start servicing their own vending customers.

Kate Byrne, Head of Operations at Snack in the Box, said: “We recognise that setting up any new business is tough, especially these days. Our aim is therefore to ensure that all our franchise owners who join start their business are equipped with the confidence, skills and business acumen needed to be able to ensure their business performs to the maximum. We recognised that our franchise owners would appreciate extra training in certain areas and therefore we have launched our new training programme. Several of our newly trained franchise owners have commented on how good the training is.”


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