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Snack-in-the-Box is building closer bonds with its parent company SnackTime plc to cement its standing as the expert in vending franchising.

As part of this move, Snack-in-the-Box is now based from the group’s head office in Wokingham. According to the company, SnackTime plc group is the UK’s third largest vending operator and has a comprehensive operations network across the UK. It now has more than 30,000 vending customers despite only starting just over 10 years ago. Listed on the stock market, the group offers vending solutions for workplaces from five staff to over 500 staff.

SnackTime plc has expertise on hot drinks, as well as snack, confectionery, cold drink and water coolers. By building closer bonds with SnackTime plc’s other operating companies – Simply Drinks (London), VMI Vending (UK outside London), Drinkmaster (in-cup drinks manufacturer) – Snack-in-the-Box franchise owners will now be able to take advantage of this expertise to grow their businesses.

Helen Taylor, Marketing Manager of Snack-in-the-Box, said: “The SnackTime group has recently invested heavily in developing Snack-in-the-Box into a highly effective and successful franchise business. With Snack-in-the-Box now based at our group’s head office, we are already working closely with Snack-in-the-Box to undertake some major projects.

“One key aspect is that our franchise owners can benefit from the support, skills and knowledge of being part of the UK’s third largest vending company. We can pass this knowledge and business acumen onto our franchise owners to help them become much more successful in building their own businesses.

“SnackTime has always had a very close relationship with our brand partners Mars confectionery. We are now able to provide our franchise owners with much more input and support from Mars, which obviously helps our franchise owners develop a business with the impact, kudos and success of one of the UK’s top brands.”


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