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Centred around the provision of 'Eco-Buggys' to golf professionals, the vehicles are better for the environment, require lower running costs and cheaper insurance and cause less damage to golf courses. 'From speaking to hundreds of golf professionals across the country the feedback we have received is that many clubs either do not have golf buggies or have too few, maintenance and insurance can also be an issue especially with petrol driven buggies,' says Sonic Golf founder Joel Bissitt. 'Also with our population ever increasing in age the mobility market is booming and many golfers need a buggy to be able to keep playing golf.

'Many of the professionals we have spoken to see single seater buggies as the future as the cause less damage to golf courses, can be provided at a lower cost and are much more friendly to the environment. As with Sonic Golf machines our licence operators lease our buggies and supply them to the golf professionals free of charge and revenue is shared between professionals and the licencees. Other than routine maintenance day to day operations are run by the professionals. The business is licensed by number of buggies so you chose the size and growth of your business.'


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