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Llaollao, pronounced ‘yow-yow’ is preparing its offer for the U.S. market. The concept may be of Spanish, but is named after a famous resort in Argentina the founder fancied.

The company established in 2009 and now has more than 100 shops in Spain. In 2011 it expanded to Portugal and now has deals sold in Turkey and the U.K., according to David Lopez Garcia, area international director for the company.

The Paris expo was a chance for people to sample the product and Lopez Garcia commented: “The best advertising is not what I’m saying, but what they’re tasting.”

Llaolla is banking on the Americans enjoying their healthier version of yogurt. Lopez Garcia said: “Calories weigh in at 100 for 100 grams and cost is around 2 euros, or about $2.60 in Spain. The multitude of toppings is where the sweetness or flavour comes into play, everything from fruit sauces to chocolate to crunch.

Lopez Garcia spoke about the opportunities that they can offer to franchise owners: “Masters will be required to have a least one shop of their own, although two is ideal. The franchise fee is 9,000 euros with a six per cent royalty fee. The royalty outside Spain includes one per cent for advertising. It’s five per cent in Spain because we’re more known, so we don't need an ad fee.”


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