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Its research discovered that one in 10 people claim to have a staggering £1,000 worth of unwanted goods stashed at home.

However, with three quarters of people giving their unwanted goods to charity shops, a third passing items on to friends and family and almost 30 per cent throwing their belongings away, huge savings are being missed, according to Cash Converters.

Chief Executive David Patrick said: “It’s spring cleaning season and we’re encouraging enthusiasts to sell their unwanted items rather than give them away. “In this economic climate people can really benefit from decluttering their homes and making instant cash on the back of an unwanted games console or camera. Not only will Cash Converters buy good quality pre-owned items, we also sell them. People can turn unwanted items into instant cash or pick up a bargain.

“The majority of people save up to £100 when they buy secondhand, and being seen as a savvy secondhand shopper is increasingly attractive. Almost 40 per cent of us want to shout about what a great deal we got.”


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