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Today is the day when most British workers keen to loose weight actually act on their intentions, research by SUBWAY® has found.

The research showed that one in 10 British workers admitted to lunch being their most indulgent and calorific meal of the day as almost 5 million employees indulged in high-fat convenience food throughout the working week. However, Tuesdays sees Brits attempting to eat more healthily.

Manaaz Akhtar, Head of Marketing for the SUBWAY® brand said: “Our research found that despite intentions to make ‘this week the week when I lose weight’, Monday morning blues leave UK workers prone to comfort eating. Tuesday is generally the day when the good intentions really kick in.”

Those surveyed were quick to point the finger at busy working patterns as a key reason for their lunchtime over-indulgence, with almost a quarter of workers admitting they choose convenience over health, knowingly opting for unhealthy lunches as they grab fast food to eat at their desks instead of taking a proper lunch break.

“Rushed lunchtimes, with people grabbing the nearest thing, are contributing to expanding waistlines and heart disease,” added Barbara Dinsdale, Lifestyle Manager of heart health charity Heart Research UK, the charity partner of the SUBWAY® brand. “It’s crucial that we allow ourselves time to take a simple short walk at lunchtimes as well as eating a balanced and healthy lunch. This has a significant knock-on effect on our concentration throughout the afternoon, so it’s worth taking that time out at lunchtime.”

In an effort to help customers have healthier choices on the go, SUBWAY® is offering customers tasty lunchtime options such as the Low Fat range of subs that offer nine low fat sandwiches.

Dinsdale said: “People will always want a choice at lunchtime and it’s great that restaurants and fast food outlets offer them that choice. But we call on all outlets which feed Britain’s 29 million workers to offer them more healthy, low fat options.”

Akhtar added: “Making healthy, convenient choices at lunch time is easier than you think. The SUBWAY® brand’s delicious range of nine Low Fat Subs all contain less than 370 calories per Sub, and less than 3g of fat per 100g, without losing any of the flavor our customers expect.”


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