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'We are delighted to be celebrating Swisher's 10th anniversary,' says Swisher Managing Director David Whelan. 'We pride ourselves on providing our customers and franchisees with a top quality standard of service combined with ethical business practice. This winning formula has dramatically increased our customer base and enabled our franchisees to build highly profitable and successful businesses.

'With weekly repeat business and no competition, each franchise has continuous and unlimited growth potential. Accordingly, Swisher franchisees can build high revenue businesses with net profits exceeding 30 per cent and enjoy a financially secure future.'

Swisher indicates that rising concerns surrounding MRSA, E-coli and other contagious diseases have contributed dramatically to the increased demand for improved washroom hygiene within the UK. Swisher is the only national organisation that provides a unique weekly washroom sanitation service and additional products to commercial customers throughout the country.

'Swisher's service has been a major benefit to us,' said a spokesman for one of London's NHS Trusts recently. 'By working with Swisher, our Trust has progressed from 'amber' to 'green' light status. This is an excellent achievement and we are delighted with the standards achieved by Swisher - the results surpassed our expectations!'


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