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Local Swisher Franchisee, Jayesh Mianger has been providing sanitation services to a variety of businesses in the Birmingham area for the past 12 months and is now ready to help improve hygiene standards in the region's care homes.

With increasing public concern about the standard of hygiene in UK Care Homes, more and more care organisations are turning to Hygiene Specialists like Swisher to ensure that their premises do not just look clean but are properly sanitised. Their weekly Swisher service does just this, with their Swisher Seal, which is applied to all washroom fixtures, being effective against MRSA and C-Diff for up to nine days.

As well as servicing washrooms, Swisher is also able to provide its Anti-Microbial Misting service to any washroom. This 'germicidal shock treatment' permeates every cubic inch of the room and bonds to virtually everything - killing 99.9 per cent of all bacteria that cause illness and odours. Javesh says: 'This service is particularly beneficial when one person moves out of a room and a new person moves in as it removes any germs or smells that may be lingering from the previous occupant making the room nice and fresh for the incoming resident.'

'I'm very pleased to be able to provide our services to Care Home Facilities in and around Birmingham. What we offer can make a big difference to the quality of care and knowing that some of our most vulnerable people are less likely to catch disease or infection and live happier lives as a result of what we do makes my job al the more worth it.'


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