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Texas Chicken is seeking UK investors interested in its franchise opportuity as part of its worldwide expansion campaign. The USA-based quick service restaurant chain has recently opened 10 new outlets in the UK and is looking for potential franchise owners to launch more units across the UK.

In addition to its UK expansion, Texas Chicken has launched its second of 30 restaurants in India and has expanded into other countries including the Republic of Georgia and the Island of St. Lucia. Texas Chicken specialises in southern USA and spicy fried chicken, focusing on complete meals with large portions and low prices.

Mel Deane, CEO of Texas Chicken, said: "We are experiencing our best expansion period in the 58 year history of the company. We have remained dedicated to building brand value in the face of economic difficulty and unlike others in the industry, we have felt no need to cut back. The message we are sending to potential franchise owners is that this business is recession-defying, which is good news all round for Britain, the economy and jobs."


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