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David Cameron has labelled the planned development of a multi-billion pound nuclear power station in Somerset as ‘Brilliant News’ despite projected rises in energy bills for consumers. This news comes just days after British Gas faced what The Daily Mail called a ‘twitter firestorm’ after it announced price hikes of 9.2 per cent.

In the past year, many franchise brands have announced successes by through the pursuit of more environmental energy solutions or by altering their business practices to be more energy conscious.

Green Square, Mr Electric and Aire Serv are all franchise brands constantly on the look out for the next big green energy-saving solution – ideas that can be heavily government subsidised under the coveted green deal.

In response to this controversial announcement, Professor David Elmes, head of Warwick Business School’s Global Energy MBA programme said: “The investment in new infrastructure and jobs that it brings shows that today’s announcement is as much about UK industry as it is about energy policy. It is good to be moving forward instead of still debating, but in the future we will need a mix of sources of energy costing different amounts. Nuclear has a part to play in that mix, but it may not prove to be the cheapest.”

As energy prices from the Big Six UK firms continue to spiral, green energy solution franchises such as Green Square are looking more and more like a superb investment for energy-smart entrepreneurs.


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