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'We hear all too often of mature businesses taking in a partner and suffering the damage that a clash of personality, of attitude or simply of ability can have on that business,' reflects Managing Director Justin Kyriakou.

'How likely then is it that a business can prosper having been set up by two friends right from the outset? That's what Sandra and Angela have done with a franchise in Dublin.'

Angela and Sandra had dreamed of running their own business generating their own rewards and being in control. Upon discovering The Inkdrop they were particularly impressed with the friendly, supportive set-up.

They are delighted with progress so far and plan to open a second shop. 'It has been hard work but we have realised our dream and we now enjoy all of the challenges and rewards that each day brings,' say Sandra and Angela.

'We never doubted that two people could perform as one and having done it once we'll do it again in our second shop...and then our third.'


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