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Steve Beaumont, 26, is one the youngest ever starters for Autosmart has begun trading in the Alferton and Derby area.

Beaumont said: “I had spent the last seven years working for a civil engineering firm. Throughout my career I have always strived to achieve the best and I have always known that I wanted to put all my energy into a business where I can reap the rewards of my success. I had been looking around for suitable opportunity for a couple of months when I found an on-line advert for Autosmart franchise available in the Derby Dales. I already knew of Autosmart, as my hobby is motorsports and cars are my passion. It's early days, but I'm thriving off the challenge of growing my business and can really see how I am going to build a successful and secure future for myself".

Geoff Easton joins Autosmart in the Winchester area selling the range of vehicle cleaning products. Easton commented: "I had worked as a mechanical fitter in the water industry. I really enjoyed my job, but knew that from running my own photographic processing business that the grass was greener being self-employed. After attending a "discovery day" at the Autosmart head office, I quickly realised that this was too good an opportunity to miss out on. It's all still very new, but I'm really enjoying working for myself. The support from Autosmart is fantastic - I'm absolutely certain that I made the correct decision."

And last but not least Danny Palmer, who has for a long time wanted to be his own boss. After spending 19 years working in the food industry in London he was ready to find the perfect opportunity. It was his father that spotted an advert in the local Dorset paper. Danny had always wanted to move closer to his family and seized the chance and is now trading in and around the Dorchester and Weymouth area.


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