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The drinks giant which, earlier this year became the first ever off-licence chain to offer existing branches for franchise, also celebrated its 2,000th registration in the same week.

Fyl Newington, franchise development manager for the group welcomed the latest statistics saying, 'We're offering an affordable way for people to buy into a 'ready made' business, backed by one of the best known brands in the UK so it's no wonder interest levels are high.'

Under the innovative Thresher scheme, applicants pay £20,000, plus the stock value, to take over an already profitable store and run it as their own business. After the initial payment, franchisees pay an occupancy fee and a small percentage of the turnover to Threshers.

This gives them the autonomy to run the store as their own business, deciding on range, promotions, pricing and so on whilst enjoying the purchasing power, marketing expertise and branding of the UK's most successful off-licence concern.


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