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Father and son, Thomas and Andrew Russell, have signed a deal with Time For You founders Ruth and Freddie Rayner to secure the rights to Mr Freddie Rayner explained: “We have been looking for the right opportunity to expand internationally for some time. We felt Australia was the perfect place to start, as the franchising as a business model is well regarded there, and the tight regulation means they are professionally run in the same way we run Time For You in the UK. Tom and Andrew already run two successful companies in the haulage sector so they bring a wealth of business experience as well as local knowledge.”

Time For You has been trading in the UK since 1997 and has grown into one of the largest domestic cleaner service franchises with more than 120 franchise business owners across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Time For You franchise owners come from a range of backgrounds including housewives, policemen, nurses, factory workers, bank managers, postmen, office workers and even solicitors.

Andrew Russell commented: “We wanted to expand our business portfolio and were looking for a business that could grow across Australia. Time For You is a proven business model that will give us the opportunity to expand, whilst knowing we have the benefit of Freddie and Ruth’s years of experience in the UK. Having been over to meet the British franchise owners and see how they operate we’re confident the model will work well in Australia and can’t wait to get it off the ground.”

The Australian business will follow the same system as the UK, providing the opportunity to run a management franchise which offers an effective service to match the right cleaner to the right client, not always the easiest thing to do! Time For You aims to be a simple business, and is run by many franchise owners working part-time from home, as there’s no stock to manage. There are no royalties to pay, just a flat monthly management fee.

Freddie Rayner added: “We’re delighted that 94 per cent of our franchise owners opt to renew at the end of their franchise contract, and take further endorsement from the fact that those that do retire, often pass their business on to their children to run. We wish Tom and Andrew the same success in Australia and look forward to rolling Time For You out to more countries in the future.”


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