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Domestic cleaning franchise Time For You has seen a significant increase in enquiries over the last three months from people considering franchising. Normally the company gets around 15 people a month enquiring about a buying a franchise, however between September and December last year that figure rose to 60 a month on average.

Founder Freddie Rayner said: 'We're finding that the majority of the people enquiring are looking ahead into 2009 and don't like what they are seeing. They hear about job losses in the news and see friends being made redundant, and decide to take control of their own destiny by buying a franchise, before their own home is affected.

'We are also getting enquires from people who have been made redundant, have a lump sum, and want to invest it to generate an income. The beauty of franchising is that it takes the risk out of starting a business. You are told exactly how to attract clients and turn them into a profit.

'A downturn is a great time to start a business, because if you can make money now, you will enjoy big profits when the good times return.'

Time For You was founded in 1997 and currently has 147 franchisees servicing 12,000 clients a week.


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