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Says Sales Director John Lee: 'Incorporating its very own oven, which outputs a hot crispy toasted sandwich every 30 seconds, Toasty Kitchens is set to provide international markets with a new mass market, fast food alternative.

'Outlets can be stand-alone concepts, or incorporated into existing establishments of any kind. Fillings can be provided from a virtually unlimited range, which means anybody anywhere can eat and enjoy them.'

The UK will be controlled by up to 25 Regional Master Franchisees. John reveals that they 'should quickly recoup their initial £40,000 investment through sales of franchised and non-franchised ovens. Food and consumables will complement the income potential.'

The company believes that its five-year worldwide development plan will ensure toasted sandwiches become a high profile fast food option for all, as the Toasty Kitchens oven is now available to buy for the first time ever.


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