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Australia’s leading national supplier to the real estate industry, property photography franchise Top Snap, is excited to announce its expansion to the UK in 2013.

Top Snap’s General Manager, Helen Clarke, explained how the decision to expand came about as a result of the company’s strong growth and proven franchise model: “In the last three years alone Top Snap has increased its number of territories by almost 200 per cent, to a total of 47 areas in Australia and New Zealand, while turnover has increased fivefold. In recognition of this, we have been named one of Australia’s top 50 fastest growing companies for the past two years’ running. With growth this strong, and an established and proven franchise system behind us, we felt the time was right to bring our successful model to the UK.”

Ms Clarke puts the system’s growth down to a number of factors, not least that it has a massive appeal to franchise owners: “Our franchise owners spend their days taking photographs of houses for a living - something they might only have dreamed about doing professionally beforehand.”


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