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Thomas Green's grocery, a UK based franchise, has opened its first outlet in Paris, France. The Thomas Green's grocery Paris store, which is part of The Thomas Green's Group, is run by franchisees Paschal Cummins and Pat Cully. Specialising in selling British foods and products through shops as well as online, the company currently has 12 outlets across Europe including stores in Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

'The availability of quality products which are household names in our own country will be much appreciated not only be the expatriate communities of Paris and its suburbs, but also I hope by French customers who will be able to savour the best of British food,' says Jeffery Thomas, British Consul General, who officially opened the outlet. 'I congratulate the management team that had the vision to make this investment, and I wish the Thomas Green Group under its managing director Philip Evans, and the two associates who opened the Paris shop, Paschal Cummins and Pat Cully, the very best of success.'

Cummins, franchise owner Thomas Green's grocery Paris, adds: 'For just five euros we can deliver anything ordered over the internet, directly to homes, virtually anywhere in Paris and the surrounding suburbs. We are the only British shop who can offer this fantastic service. Our shoppers who want to avoid the frenzied Paris traffic and problematic parking can have their favourite foods brought to their door, courtesy of Thomas Green's delivery service.'

Philip Evans, managing director, The Thomas Green's Group, adds: 'This is great news for the shoppers of Paris who can now buy a real variety of British goods and enjoy a cheap home delivery service as well. The use of the internet for customers' orders will be critical for the future of our own network and we believe that the Paris service at this unique and very competitive price is the catalyst for making that a reality.'


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