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Domino's Pizza franchise owner, Pali Grewal, made three large pizzas in record breaking time of just 39.1 seconds and was the first international competitor to be named the World's Fastest Pizza Maker.

Grewal, who has been making pizzas since he was 13, had to hand-stretch fresh dough, apply pizza sauce and add toppings to three large pizzas as quickly as possible. Not only was speed a key factor, competitors also had to ensure the quality and presentation of the pizzas was consistent.

"I've been hungry for this title for such a long time and it is just awesome to finally win it. Like any great athlete, I've been practising and practising and now I am going to take the day off, " said Grewal, who has been with Domino's for over 18 years. Along with his older brothers, Grewal owns 24 Domino's stores throughout the South-East of London.

President and CEO of Domino's Pizza J. Patrick Doyle presented Grewal with $3,000 prize money, a trophy and the coveted title of Fastest Pizza Maker. "Domino's Pizza is extremely proud to employ the fastest pizza makers in the world. Our emphasis is on the quality of the pizza, while also using our expertise to get them made quickly. The goal for everyone in our stores is to get hot, great tasting pizzas to customers doors as quickly as possible," said Doyle.

The competition, which was attended my almost 6,000 Domino's team members and franchise owners, was held at Domino's 50th Anniversary World Rally in Las Vegas.


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