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Gold's Gym, a USA-based health and fitness franchise, is planning to expand across Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Erik Odegard, who owns the Gold's Gym Master Franchise for Norway, Sweden and Denmark, is planning to grow the brand in these countries through a combination of newly built gyms and conversions of existing locations into branded facilities.

Gold's Gym entered the Nordic market in 2008 and there are now seven Gold's Gym locations across Norway and Sweden. Erik Odegard said: 'We are just getting started in the Nordic countries and already Gold's Gym has a loyal and growing following. The brand is synonymous with helping its members achieve their fitness goals and we are thrilled to bring it to the Nordic region.'

Keith Albright, Senior Vice President of Franchising for Gold's Gym International, commented: 'This is another indication of the trust that investors and our gym members have in Gold's Gym to deliver the best fitness experience in the world. Our franchise partners in Norway and Sweden are building Gold's Gym into a local phenomenon that continues to sweep through the region with great excitement for the brand.'

Gold's Gym is looking to expand into all major and mid-sized Scandinavian cities and is seeking qualified, experienced franchise owners and gym operators to achieve this.

In addition to its Scandinavian expansion, Gold's Gym has opened 30 new outlets worldwide this year. The openings have included the first Gold's Gym in Spain, as well as openings of locations in Australia, Canada, India and Russia. Furthermore, Gold's Gym is pursuing Master Franchise agreements for Australia, China, Colombia, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

Fredrik Myhr, Sales Director for Gold's Gym in Sweden, said: 'Achieving personal health and wellness is universal. As a global force, Gold's Gym is bringing citizens of the world the opportunity to exercise and reach their potential. Gold's Gym is perceived as the authority on fitness and gym operators want to be associated with a brand which commands that kind of respect.'


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