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Prime, who won the coveted bfa Young Franchisee of the Year award last year, has allowed himself just 19 days to complete the journey (which is about 74 miles per day for those without a calculator to hand). This ride comes of the back of a string of charity fundraising events from Prime, who cycled the 3,000 mile coast-to-coast journey across America in 2011.

This daunting trip is in aid of ‘Coffee Kids’, a non-profit organisation that works with the coffee-farming communities of Latin America. The organisation creates projects in the areas of education, healthcare, economic diversification, food security and capacity building, all in a bid to reduce local communities’ dependence on the volatile coffee market.

Prime, 28, said: “Thankfully we’ve planned a couple of rest days in San Francisco this time, which will be a welcome respite from cycling 80 to 90 miles per day. This challenge should be more manageable than the 2011 coast-to-coast, but there’s no doubt it’s still a tall order, and we can’t wait to get started.”

Rebecca Singer, Executive Director at Coffee Kids added: "We are thrilled that Steven is once again riding through the US for coffee-farming families. The money he raises will go toward projects that put food on families' tables, provide scholarships, and help families establish small businesses that keep them going beyond the coffee harvest. Fundraisers like this really make our work possible."


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