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The company’s automatic vehicle based cleaning unit was selected by a judging panel from almost 500 products for an award that recognises innovation and product excellence in regard to environmental best practices.

The ceremony was broadcast on Polish television and the VIP machinery was filmed by a Polish television news programme and will also be screened on the Polish version of The Gadget Show.

At the exhibition, VIP gained invaluable information and experience from meetings with municipalities and waste management companies, along with the extensive positive publicity generated by the award win, which will greatly aid both the business and its franchise owners: adding tremendous value to VIP’s brand and reputation.

A new legal requirement has been introduced in Poland this year, which demands that all municipalities and waste management companies provide a professional cleaning programme for all their waste containers.

VIP identified this exhibition as the ideal opportunity to present the company, meet with potential clients and demonstrate the quality services and support it can offer. The company also gained feedback from potential clients.

Established in the UK since 1997, VIP Bin Cleaning has evolved from a domestic wheelie bin cleaning company to one recognised as the world’s leading waste container cleaning specialist both in the commercial and domestic sectors. It works with nearly all types of customers to ensure that their cleaning requirements are delivered professionally in accordance with all regulations and to assist with any arising problems.

The company has franchise owners across the UK as well as master licence holders and operations covering Australia, South Africa, California, Canada, Botswana and Poland, which encourages sharing of knowledge and creates an improvement culture across the territories.

Along with an international network, VIP also designs and manufactures its own extensive range of professional and environmentally friendly cleaning machinery, including manual, semi-automatic, automatic and automatic computer-aided cleaning systems. All these systems can be adapted and built into mobile trailers or mounted on pick-up vehicles, and can also be adapted to suit the needs of clients who require on-site static cleaning systems.

VIP exhibited some of this machinery at the recent exhibition, including a manual mobile cleaning unit and larger semi-automatic commercial mobile cleaning unit. Both machines are already being used in Polish contracts. These were not the only machines that VIP exhibited; the company also brought over from the UK their newly designed and manufactured automatic vehicle based cleaning unit.

Even in countries where waste container cleaning is not yet a legal requirement, VIP is witnessing a surge of interest in its products and its services. Now that Poland and some other Eastern European countries have made it a legal requirement, other countries may follow, giving VIP and its franchise owners a golden opportunity to develop their business, which may result in some of the single unit franchisees expanding into multi vehicle operations.


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