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Water Babies is celebrating one of its franchises that reached the milestone of teaching over 2,000 babies in a week. This is the second great milestone for the company this year, as it recently reached a record breaking 41,000 babies and toddlers taught per week.

Paul Thompson, co-founder of Water Babies explains: “In most cases it’s the shock of sudden submersion that causes children to panic and at Water Babies we believe that by introducing babies to water as early as possible, they’ll be less likely to experience fear if they do fall in. With progressive training, babies can be taught potentially lifesaving skills very early on, such as turning onto their backs or, following a sudden submersion, swimming to the nearest solid object. So we’re incredibly proud that one of our franchises has reached this incredible milestone and is now teaching over 2,000 babies these vital skills every single week.

“In the last few years alone, at least ten tiny Water Babies pupils have saved their own lives as a result of the skills they learned with us, five of whom were just two years old at the time. It’s fantastic what essential skills children can learn, and it’s so important that they do so as soon as possible, which is why at Water Babies we teach babies literally from birth.”


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