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Celebrations for Bluebird Care

\"We have been delighted with the help and support provided by our franchisor to make the set up as smooth as possible.\"

Maria Slough, franchise owner,
Bluebird Care (Westminster)
Investment Required from £32,500 + VAT
\"Bluebird Care hold the same values as we do; quality, customer service and complete professionalism.”

Phil Carr, Head of Business Development, Allianz Global Assistance

The 150th opening

Another significant step was recently taken in the Bluebird Care franchise network with the addition of the 150th franchised office of the well-respected brand.

With all the exposure that London has had during 2012, it was fitting that this milestone was achieved with their 22nd London office – the Bluebird Care (Westminster) franchise.

Franchise owners Peter and Maria Slough are delighted to be the 150th office. “We are so pleased to be part of the Bluebird Care network and to be the 150th is very special. We were introduced to the company by a friend of ours who runs two Bluebird Care franchises in the West Country and who is so positive about the move he made into Bluebird Care,” enthuses Peter.

Peter and Maria are now setting up their office in the London Borough of Westminster and hope to be trading within the next month or so. Maria says: “We are going through our care registration process currently and have been delighted with the help and support provided by our franchisor to make the set up as smooth as possible.”

This remarkable number of 150 franchised offices has been achieved in only six years since the launch of the Bluebird Care franchise. Bluebird Care prides itself through on only recruiting the right people into the franchise.

Simon Dalziel, Franchise Director, explains the franchise recruitment ethos. “We have always said we do not sell franchises – we recruit franchise owners. There is a big difference. While we have to be right for our franchise owners they have to be right for us, as we are entrusting them with the Bluebird Care brand, a very valuable commodity.”

The future continues to look bright for Bluebird Care with the announcement of two new exciting working partnerships, which offer great opportunities for their franchise network.

Bluebird Care with Bupa

The first partnership will see the Company working with one of the most well – known names in Healthcare, Bupa. The partnership is in response to an increasing demand from commissioners for integrated packages of care and support.

The new partnership will mean that Bupa Home Healthcare, one of the UK’s largest out of hospital care providers, and Bluebird Care will tender for relevant new contracts together. Bupa Home Healthcare will manage the healthcare aspects of care, offering full case management and providing nursing care for patients with a range of continuing care needs, while Bluebird Care will cover the non-medical aspects, such as help with patients getting up in the morning, going to bed or with household chores.

Stephen Flanagan, Managing Director of Bupa Home Healthcare, says: “We are really excited by this new and innovative offer available to the NHS. We are confident this new integrated package of care, in partnership with Bluebird Care, will better support our patients’ needs and provide more care for patients in their own homes.”

Paul Tarsey, Managing Director of Bluebird Care, adds: “We have been aware for some time that NHS and private commissioners alike, want a strong, reliable and cohesive service. This new relationship between Bupa Home Healthcare and Bluebird Care will put both companies in the very forefront of the market. We absolutely believe that there is no other provider partnership which comes close to providing the service that will now be available from our two companies.”

Another exciting development in response to the developing care market, is Bluebird Care’s new strategic partnership with Allianz Global Assistance, which will see the companies co-operating on a number of different projects. This will allow more and more people to access the Bluebird Care service in their own homes.

Partners with Allianz Global Assistance

Well-recognised around the world due to its high-profile sponsorship and advertising, Allianz is one of the largest and most respected insurance companies in Europe. Being experts in the industry, they cover all aspects of insurance, through multiple trading divisions. Realising the relevance of Home Care with regards to post-event recovery, Allianz have chosen to partner with Bluebird Care to provide Home Care services to its customers when needed. This is a new venture for Allianz Global Assistance, as it looks to expand and develop the services it offers.

Bluebird Care is already one of the largest privately funded Home Care providers in the UK and Republic of Ireland, with 150 offices and still growing. Considering this and the fact that Bluebird Care’s main focus is on providing the best possible quality of care, this made them the perfect option for Allianz Global Assistance, when looking for a suitable Home Care provider with national coverage.

“Allianz Global Assistance are leaders in the provision of insurance services across many sectors and providing cover which includes care at home is a natural progression,” says Phil Carr, Head of Business Development at Allianz Global Assistance. “Bluebird Care stood out as the obvious people for us to work with because of their success as providers of high quality Domiciliary Care,” he continued.

Paul Tarsey, Managing Director of Bluebird Care agreed with Phil Carr about the way that care is changing: “As more and more people realise that the local authority provision of Social Care is limited and is only really available as a safety net, these options of cover will become ever more attractive, as will be the use of private Home Care in general.” he said.

Bluebird Care has revolutionised the way that care is delivered by concentrating on high quality customer service, while at the same time upholding the very best in professional care provision.

“It really is an exciting time for our franchise owners and for those looking to join the network,” says Franchise Director Simon Dalziel. “Our track record of franchise and business success has created these openings for our franchise network and is a huge step forward. There really has never been a better time to consider the Bluebird Care franchise opportunity – a huge and growing market and a company right at the forefront of the sector,” he concludes.