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“CeX has totally changed my life”

Summary of Operation

Retailer of second-hand electronic and digital entertainment products. CeX trade in videogames, DVDs, mobile phones, digital electronics, computing, vision products and CDs.

It was while working for CeX as a roaming Store Manager that Matthew Kozuch recognised the huge potential the buy, sell or exchange franchise had to offer.

“Having worked with the corporate side of CeX for six years, I was able to see the benefits of joining its franchise network,” explains Matthew. “I was originally Assistant Manager of the Northampton store before becoming a roaming Manager, where I helped open new corporate and franchised stores. It was during this time that I saw the potential a CeX franchise had to offer and knew that I wanted to be a part of it.”

The CeX business model allows customers to buy, sell and exchange a focused yet complementary range of products including mobile phones, video games, DVDs, computers, electronic gadgets and CDs. With 145 stores established worldwide, 131 of which are based in the UK, CeX has quickly become one of the UK’s fastest growing and most popular second-hand entertainment franchises.

To ensure each CeX store launch runs smoothly, franchise owners receive dedicated initial and ongoing support from an experienced CeX Franchise Manager.

“My Franchise Manager helped me with everything from obtaining my franchise funding to planning the build itself,” recalls Matthew. “Since launching my store in Great Yarmouth, I have continued to receive excellent support from my Franchise Manager and the CeX commercial and IT department.”

As an experienced member of the CeX network, Matthew’s franchise training was tailored to his knowledge and requirements. However, franchise owners who are new to the CeX concept are provided with comprehensive training and valuable hands-on experience, ensuring they have all the skills necessary to run their business successfully.

“Managing my own business was an interesting challenge,” says Matthew. “I have managed CeX branches before but the business side has been something I have had to learn in greater detail. Luckily, I have had my Franchise Manager and other franchise owners to help and support me.”

CeX franchise owners benefit from an established and proven business model including initial training and ongoing updates, limited competition, stock and pricing advice from experts, ongoing support including intranet, hands-on setup, site identification, design and outfit and a bespoke EPOS system especially designed for buying, selling and exchanging goods.

With the successful launch of his Great Yarmouth store behind him, Matthew now plans to expand his retail business.

“I will definitely be looking into obtaining more CeX branches, as I have seen how successful they can be. Becoming a CeX franchise owner has changed my life in a positive way, as having my own business has provided me with an opportunity to move ahead in life.

“Although it has been a lot of hard work, running my own CeX store is very rewarding and I would definitely do it all again,” reveals Matthew. “When I open my shop and see it full of customers and then leaving with smiles on their faces, I know why I am doing this.”

Reported by Tiffany Brooking