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No two days are ever the same

After leaving university and struggling to find a secure position in the job market, Miren Shah decided to take control of his future and go into business with his brother, Hiren.

The pair approached their friend – CeX Ashford franchise owner, Dishal Patel – to find out more about the second-hand entertainment franchise and what it had to offer.

“We already knew a lot about CeX but it was good to speak to a franchise owner to find out what’s really involved with running a CeX store,” says Miren.

“I have worked in retail since I was 16 and have several years of management experience, so I felt confident that myself and Hiren had the skills needed to run a CeX franchise successfully, and we both love gadgets so we knew that we would really enjoy managing the business.”

The CeX business model allows customers to buy, sell and exchange a focused yet complementary range of electrical entertainment goods.

Once the pair had secured their business funding, they attended the CeX three-day initial training course, which covered all aspects of the business from day-to-day operations and systems to administration and customer service skills.

The CeX franchise package also includes ongoing training, procedure updates, limited competition, stock and pricing advice from experts, ongoing support including intranet and business services, support from a dedicated Franchise Manager, hands-on store identification, design and outfit, and a bespoke EPOS system designed specifically for the buying, selling and exchanging of goods.

“We also spent a lot of time working in established CeX stores, which was great for improving our product knowledge and getting a real idea of how our business would operate,” recalls Miren. “I found all of the training really helpful. I definitely think we would of struggled without it.”

Since launching their Fulham-based CeX store in August, the brothers have really enjoyed running their own business and have been pleased with how popular their business has proven to be.

“We already have a solid customer base, which is great for repeat business and product turnaround,” says Miren. “If trade continues to be as busy as it has been, we will be looking to open our second store sooner than we thought!

“What I most enjoy about owning a CeX franchise is that no two days are ever the same. Products are always changing, different customers are coming and going. Some days we can’t even stop for a break, but we don’t mind putting in the hard work because we get to see the results and reap the rewards.”

With many of its franchise owners investing in multiple outlets, the CeX franchise offers excellent growth potential and flexible business development for its ambitious franchise owners. With only a couple of months of trading behind them, Miren and Hiren already have their sights set on becoming successful multi-unit franchise owners within the next few years.

“We definitely want to grow our business as much as we can,” adds Miren. “Our goal is to open two or three more stores within the next five years – I’m pretty confident that we will do it!”

Written by Tiffany Brooking