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Retail revolution

\"The whole process of becoming a CeX franchise owner has been a great experience.\"

Yunus Patel

Searching for your ideal business can be a daunting experience but for seasoned entrepreneur Yunus Patel, the decision to join the retail entertainment franchise, CeX, could not have been easier.

“I already have experience of running my own business and could see that being part of a well-established network, such as CeX with it’s own systems and controls, had lots of advantages,” he explains. “In addition, a friend of mine is an existing CeX franchise owner and since opening, I’ve found out that one of my cousin’s is a franchise owner with a store in London!”

In the fast and ever-developing world of high-end electronic entertainment, CeX provides a valuable service to technology enthusiasts wishing to stay ahead of the game. By selling, buying and exchanging second-hand goods from seven different product lines, which include video games, mobile phones, computing, electronics, DVDs and Blu-rays, CeX allows consumers to keep up with ever changing technical products in an affordable and reliable way.

With the profits of his previous business and the support of his family, Yunus was able to secure his Castleford CeX store and embark on his comprehensive franchise owner training.

“I went through an initial assessment process and then a specially coordinated training programme in several local stores,” he recalls. “I started off attending some specific training courses at the CeX training centre in Coventry.

“Overall, I trained for nearly six months before taking my own store over, working initially part-time in local CeX stores, while also spending time in my old business which I then gradually began to scale back.”

While CeX provides its franchise owners with extensive initial operational and hands-on training, it is the dedicated ongoing support of its Franchise Managers that ensures the continued success of their stores.

“Since opening my store I have had to manage the transition process and get used to a very well-organised retail system,” says Yunus. “I feel confident that I know how my business works and that I am part of a successful growing retail brand. I’m really looking forward to the future and expecting to have to work hard to achieve my goal of opening a second store.”

Yunus may only have a few moths of trading behind him but he is already enjoying the benefits of being part of a franchise network and would recommend the second-hand entertainment franchise to others – of course due diligence should always be carried out before signing on the dotted line.

“Do as much research as possible, and if you can, try and speak to some of the franchise owners that are already involved in the business.

“The whole process of becoming a CeX franchise owner has been a great experience,” he continues: “lots of support at the key times and plenty of careful planning before important decisions are made.”

Written by Tiffany Brooking