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The value of being part of an established brand

After running a chain of family run convenience stores in the West Midlands with his brother, Jas Singh wanted a change and a chance to be part of something bigger. Jas explains why he chose Complete entertainment eXchange. “I wanted to be involved in a retail business that is part of a wider group. I feel it’s valuable to be part of an established successful brand. With over 200 stores and a huge customer base, it shows CeX is popular and the business model works. After researching, I knew it would be a lucrative investment for me.”

CeX supports their franchise owners from the very beginning, helping with set-up to store location. Jas explains: “They supported me with lots of help preparing my Business Plan. They introduced me to an independent advisor and assisted me to negotiate a very competitive finance package that was swiftly approved by the bank.”

CeX offer initial in-depth training to all new owners to make sure that they are not only comfortable in the role but that they understand the model. “My biggest commitment has been the time I’ve needed to spend training. You need to know the products and how the model works. I’ve probably spent six months training, following a detailed competency program in various stores in the West Midlands. Learning hands on has been the best way for me,” Commented Jas.

The more challenging aspects of setting up a business, that can normally lead to a start up failure, are made much simpler by the help of the franchisor as Jas clarifies: “The acquisition of a retail premises and the legal negotiations process has been quite time consuming, but CeX used a specialist solicitor to help manage the process for me and were there every step of the way.” With over two decades experience in running high street stores the franchisor was able to assist Jas in hiring a team to help him succeed: “I had hundreds of job applications and we ran an open day from which we appointed staff and planned their training.”

Jas planned a new career but what he couldn’t plan for was how his new career would change his life outside work. “It’s been busy setting the business up, but I’m aware that you get out what you put in. I’m looking forward to running a very profitable business that allows me some flexibility too.”Jas’ advice is simple, follow the instructions that CeX lay out for you, there is a reason why they have been so successful. Jas stresses the importance of listening to the support you receive. “You will have a range of support from Franchise managers to the commercial team to rely on. Use their expertise to your benefit.”

Jas has no plans to stop there either and knows with the gadget giant that there are plenty of opportunities to grow his business. “I want to grow the business and open another few more stores. My goal is to have a chain of my own stores.” We here at The Franchise Magazine wish him all the best in his future endeavours.