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Change your life with Dublcheck

Investment Required from £9,950 – £190,950 + VAT

For many, the most daunting aspect of becoming your own boss is leaving the security of a steady, reliable job and taking that leap into the unknown.

With commercial cleaning franchise Dublcheck, you can start your own business on a part-time basis, allowing you to keep your existing job while slowly growing your business – it was this element of the franchise that caught Jolanta Lavernova’s attention.

Before launching her Dublcheck franchise at the end of 2011, Jolanta worked as a warehouse clerk. Eager to pursue her dream of becoming her own boss, but lacking the business know-how and experience, Jolanta decided to research the franchise sector.

“I knew that if I was going to become my own boss I would need the support of a franchisor,” she explains. “Ideally, I wanted an opportunity that would allow me to keep the security of my clerk job while slowly building my new business, which is why Dublcheck was perfect for me.”

From an investment of £14,950 you can start with a minimum turnover of £14,000 per annum, if you want to run your business hands-on and start small while retaining the security of your current position. Alternatively, you can purchase with a view to achieving a turnover of up to £500,000 per annum if you want to run a management business.

After meeting with the Dublcheck Directors and signing on the dotted line, Jolanta and her husband Andrej attended a one-week training course which covered all of the essential elements of the franchise.

“The training was very thorough and helpful,” recalls Jolanta. “I learned about everything from cleaning standards and operation systems, to employment and marketing. It was also a great chance to meet the rest of the franchise team, who were all very friendly and supportive.

“By the end of my week with Dublcheck I felt certain that I had made the right decision and couldn’t wait to get started.”

Joining the network at a low investment level, Jolanta managed her Dublcheck business for just a few hours a week and gradually built up her customer base. Within just a few months Jolanta and Andrej were taking on additional contracts.

“We really enjoy taking on challenges and always do our best to ensure Dublcheck customers receive only the best service,” says Jolanta. “One of my favourite elements of the business is meeting with customers and securing contracts. However, if sales isn’t your thing, the Dublcheck team is always on hand to help.”

With just over a year of trading behind them, Jolanta and Andrej are delighted with how their franchise has developed and look forward to growing the business further.

“We never expected to do so well in our first year,” enthuses Jolanta. “I joined Dublcheck because of its part-time aspect but, due to the success of the business, I have been able to leave my position as a clerk and concentrate on the business full-time.

“We now have nine cleaners working with us and have turned over £50,000 in 2012,” she continues. “The personal benefits of owning our Dublcheck franchise are also fantastic. We have a three year old daughter and, as we work from home, it offers excellent flexibility.

“We’re obviously doing something right, so we will continue to grow the business as we have been and hopefully within a couple of years we will be running a large management business.”

Written by Tiffany Brooking